There are many diverse elements that go into the creation of an effective WWW presence. These elements will differ from organization to organization, and even from page to page within the site itself. When you contact us, we’ll go over many of the features which are available to you in the construction of your site, including…

Website Design

The Cyber-Built Company is a full-service Michigan web design agency. We consult and guide our clients through the web development process from conception to finish. We specialize in affordable custom websites that meet any budget – from corporate websites to personal blog sites.

Web Development

Our experienced web development team creates user-friendly, responsive websites that work across all media platforms used in an ever-changing internet atmosphere. The Cyber-Built Company’s focus is on helping our clients achieve their internet marketing goals.

Search Engine Optimization

As a Michigan-based firm, we’ve been honored to help our clients achieve search engine optimization goals that otherwise wouldn’t have been reached without a comprehensive internet marketing campaign that drives customers to their website.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Google favors mobile-first websites over static-width websites, so we make it a priority to let our clients know how important it is to have a website that functions on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

eCommerce Shopping Carts

We build shopping cart websites that are secure and easy to manage. The E-Commerce platforms we favor over other platforms are WooCommerce that works well with WordPress. BigCommerce is another we’re very familiar with as well.

Copyrighting – Content Creation

The Cyber-Built Company Design understands that first and foremost, content is king with regard to search engine optimization. Therefore, we work with our clients to come up with original content that helps drive customers to their website and further through the goals of their website.

Maintenance & Support

A large portion of The Cyber-Built Company’s business happens to be website maintenance and support. We understand that owning a website and maintaining the content within can be a lot of work. So we work with our clients on consultation, training, as well as tasked updates.

Domain Name Registration

One of the first things a business or organization needs to consider is whether or not it wants its own domain name (i.e. It is generally a good idea to secure a name when you go online, as it allows you the flexibility to switch ISP’s at will and yet keep your same address. If you prefer, we can make all arrangements for you with the registration process and in setting up an ISP account.

PDF File Conversion

PDF files allow for scan or HTML conversion of your existing print materials (ie. forms or newsletters) to then be uploaded and viewed on the Web by free Acrobat Reader software. The original graphics and page layout are retained and can be printed out by any printer. PDF pages are slower to load, and difficult to read online, but are beneficial if you have detailed text content you would like your clientele to be able to print out.